Is Adult Family Therapy Right for You?

Family Counseling or Adult Family Therapy is designed to help families come together to work collaboratively on issues causing family stress. The therapist helps family members identify the verbal and nonverbal communication styles they use in order to better understand one other in a trusted and supportive environment. We are dedicated to family counseling and believe it is the first step into healing and increased connection between family members.

Common Problems Include:
· Aging parents
· Behavioral issues or academic concerns regarding children
· Building independence in adult children
· Chronic illness or a sibling
· Difficulty communicating
· Divorce or separation
· Fights over important family decisions
· Financial struggles and stressors
· Grief/loss of a beloved family member
· Impact of one family member's mental health issues
· Resentment and anger from early childhood
· Sibling conflict
· Substance abuse
· Troubled teens
· Building independence in adult children

What to Expect in Adult Family Therapy

We encourage all interested family members to meet together weekly with one of our therapists. The therapist will help facilitate the process by helping each person communicate their thoughts and feelings. Soon you will each begin to develop understanding and empathy for yourself and your family members while also learning to identify communication patterns that are not helpful. This process allows healthier communication to emerge and results in decreased family stress and tension.

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