Relationships are long term commitments that wax and wane. Yes, there are good times as there are not so good times. You should consider couples therapy if you're just not getting through to one another. Especially if you feel emotional distance, cannot resolve issues on your own, feel contempt and argue a lot. Negative energy between you two can build resentment. We can break those habits and interactions to help you see each other's position, have empathy and make break throughs. We work so you can both feel better about yourselves.

Most couples lack good conflict resolution skills. Some people may have anger management and intimacy issues too. This can lead to a lack of closeness and an inability to resolve things like affairs and resentments.

The main problem for most couples is a lack of skills - often in the areas of communication, anger management, conflict resolution, and/or intimacy skills. You may not know how to resolve resentments, affairs, or a lack of closeness in your relationship. But the good news is that these skills can be taught to motivated couples.

We help couples identify the core issues and then teach you the tools to improve communication and reestablish bonds and trust.

We work to help you abandon anger and resentment, strengthen your friendship, be closer and more attentive, and reignite the fire in your sex life.

We have a tailored approach focusing on skill-building for straight couples and gay couples to each couple's specific needs

We offer 60-minute and 90-minute sessions. We also offer highly effective, conjoint couple's therapy. This "2+2" therapeutic approach involves two therapists together working with the couple.