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Relationships are long-term commitments that wax and wane, and it’s natural to experience both good and not-so-good times. But, if you’re just not getting through to one another, you may want to consider attending couples therapy. If you feel emotional distance, cannot resolve issues on your own, feel contempt or argue a lot, contact iHeal Wellness Therapy & Consulting, LLC today.
Negative energy between you and your partner can lead to resentment. During a couples teletherapy session, one of our therapists in Silver Spring, MD will work to help you break negative habits and empathize with each other so you can both feel better about yourselves.
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3 Signs It's Time To Consider Couples Therapy

You feel unattractive or feel that your partner has lost sexual interest
You find yourself resenting things from your partner’s past
Your partner had an affair or has broken your trust

These feelings won’t just go away on their own. Take action today by scheduling a couples teletherapy appointment.

How Can Couples Therapy Improve Your Relationship?

Many couples lack conflict resolution skills. Some may deal with anger management and intimacy issues, too. This can lead to a lack of closeness and an inability to resolve things like affairs and lingering resentments. You may not know how to resolve these issues in your relationship. But the good news is that these skills can be taught to motivated couples.
Through couples teletherapy, we help couples identify core issues and teach each individual the tools they need to improve communication and reestablish bonds of trust. Our therapists will help you abandon anger and resentment, strengthen your friendship, become closer and reignite the fire in your sex life.
Our approach focuses on skill-building for straight and gay couples and is tailored to each couple’s needs. We also offer highly effective conjoint couples therapy. This “2+2” therapeutic approach involves two therapists together working with a couple.
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We offer 60-minute and 90-minute sessions. Book yours now to start improving your relationship.