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Professional Coaching & Training

Executive Coaching for Sustainable Results

Solving Leadership Problems
Organizations can develop the most sophisticated technology platforms for success, and launch as many new initiatives as they would like, but without the support of their people, these solutions are not sustainable.

Solving Strategy Development Problems
Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. We provide the expertise and execution capabilities of a larger firm for a fraction of the investment.

We offer our coaching and training services to companies and individuals  for a fee. 

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iHeal Wellness & Therapy offers a variety of educational and professional development experiences to groups and organizations. Our trainings are a valuable resource to your group to build and enhance a variety of skills.

Our therapists and Coaches are Master Trainers/Speakers. Due to the diverse backgrounds of our members, we are able to offer a diverse collection of training opportunities that range from Lunch & Learns to multi-day workshops.

Available Training Topics

Child Welfare

Personal Well-Being


Work Related

Law Enforcement | Military | First Responders

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Helping You Face Your Unique Challenges

Millennials are facing different challenges than baby boomers did. For example, it’s likely that you may have three or four career changes in your lifetime. This kind of change makes it hard, and even scary, to figure out who you are, what you want and who you want to be with. Luckily, our therapists are here for you. iHeal Wellness Therapy & Consulting can help you weather the storm and get through these uncertain times with individual teletherapy sessions.
We’ll work with you to help you understand and unpack the issues you’re facing. Then, we’ll help you develop approaches, skills and exercises to make improvements in your life. That’s where you’ll start to see positive change. Allow us to extricate you from negative habits and thoughts so you can be free. We’ll work to create positive energy and give you hope so you can take decisive actions toward enrichment.

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