Insurance and Payment

Paying for therapy shouldn't be a confusing hassle.
What does therapy cost? How do I pay? We can help.

Here's what you should know. Nearly all mental health professionals are fee-for-service practices. You add a payment card on our client portal to cover the cost of each session as you go.

We accept debit and all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa). Many clients have Medical Savings account through an employer's cafeteria plan that automatically reimburse them for healthcare expenses.

We handle the complicated stuff.

I have out-of-network insurance coverage (PPO insurance plan)?

We take your payment and turn it into an electronic request for out-of-network reimbursement for you. Most insurance companies reimburse you very quickly.

I have an annual deductible?

Your insurance company will mail a check directly to you. Most of our patients are reimbursed 50-80% of our fees if they have out-of-network coverage.

I have a HMO, are you an in-network provider?

We are not in-network with any insurance companies. Your insurance company will not reimburse you for our fees. To use benefits associated with HMO plans, you need to seek treatment from an in-network provider. Please contact your insurance provider for clarification about out-of-network mental health care coverage as they will not share any information with us about your policy.

Just like everything these days, the highest-level mental health care and therapy-that is effective -is expensive. Unfortunately, health insurance typically does not cover 100% of therapy expenses. Therapist log hours of continuing education and training every year. These quality elements top the list for patients who value their mental health, patients who seek the kind of care offered at iHeal Wellness. They know the difference.

And since the connection is firmly established between mental health and physical health, therapy continues to be a wise and important investment we make in ourselves and our well-being. Poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical conditions.

Understanding the links between mind and body is the first step in developing strategies to reduce the incidence of co-existing conditions and support those already living with mental illnesses and chronic physical conditions.

It's an investment that pays off- one of the clearest places that the link between mental and physical health is illustrated is in longevity.

Other financing options:

•Lending Club
•"Cruise Plan." Patients pre-pay every two weeks until they build up a balance to get started.
•Home equity loans.
•Loans from 401K/Pension plans.
•Loans from life insurance/annuity policies.
•Medical Savings account through an employer's cafeteria plan.
•Gifts or Loans from friends or family members.
•Online personal loans:

How Come You're Not In-network?

Your privacy and discretion.

Insurance companies can request detailed information about you that you may not want to disclose. Professionals that work for agencies and/or employers where want a medical record with their insurers.

Our therapists work for you. Being out-of-network allows you, not your insurance company to dictate the length and kind of treatment you receive. Our therapists prefer to avoid all of that and work with the client's best interests in mind.

Flexible payment options. We accept credit cards/debit cards (Amex, VISA, MasterCard and Discover), personal checks or cash. Payment is due at the time of service. Most clients choose to pay with their credit card since it's the easiest and most convenient.

We also do not add a service fee for using your credit card. We can securely store your credit card information on site for recurring billing and future sessions. If you have regular sessions, we can email you a monthly statement for your records so you can submit claims for reimbursement from your insurance company. We are glad to submit the request to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement for you. For confidentiality reasons, some clients choose not to file for reimbursement. We give you that option and respect your decision.